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Who am I ?
  • Name: .....Dieter Ludmann
  • Age: ........37
  • Hobbies: ..Country-Music (active), Science Fiction and Computer (Grafik)
  • Job: .........Public servant at "Deutsche Telekom"

  • Click HERE to see me playing bass-guitar in my country band.

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The story ... 

Well, I've been drawing spacecrafts for a long time now. It started at school, when "History" was boring me. By that time I was a fanatic Perry Rhodan Fan and filled a couple of school-books with spacecrafts and aliens. These books were more interesting after that ;-). This continued during my apprenticeship, but slowed down a bit when I started working. 
These early pictures were mostly done with just a pencil.  
Very soon I found my interest in computers (Apple II) and with the growing power of these machines my next logical step was working with computer-graphics. I started with 2D - Drawing Programs (e.g. Corel3) then worked with a very cheap 3D-Program by DataBecker and ended up with dream3D, which was enclosed in the Corel6 Bundle.  
Using dream3D I created about 160 images in 1995-96. A few you can see in my galleries. The program is easy to use and you'll get nice results very soon. But there are some bugs: system crashes very often; when rendering big scenes, the render-engine goes crazy and paints big grey strokes all over the image; and a couple more but not so serious bugs. Boolean operatins are missing and you can't create any meshes. You only can use basic geometric forms and a kind of extended "Lathe" - function. Also you can not create any animations. 
In that case I lately decided to buy real3D V3.0. But soon I realized, the more features you can have, the harder it is to understand and finally use them. It's been a hard struggle with the english manual, till I had any usefull results. At the moment I guess, I'm just able to use about 10% of the programs possibilities.  
So I guess there'll be some more very short nights in sight ............. ;-) 
In the meantime I've updated to V3.5 which in my opinion is much better than V3.0. 
Now, I've had my first experience with animations, even without the german manual. 
Have a look at the gallery ... 

The equipment ... 

After several upgrades my equipment shows like this: 

Main Computer: 
  • Gigabyte HX mainboard 512 K Cache
  • Pentium 200 MHz Processor
  • 124 MB EDO-Ram 

  • (close to lightspeed with opt. TAG-Ram) 
  • Matrox Millenium (220Mhz) 4MB
  • AVM - Fritz-Card (ISDN)
  • Soundblaster 16
  • 3 Com Network-Adaptor
  • Scanner-Interface
  • 2x 4.3 GB Harddrive
  • 24x Teac CD-Rom
  • 3.5" Disk-Drive
  • 20 " Belinea Monitor
  • Mustek MFS-6000SP Scanner
  • Lenco Speakers
  • Logitech Mouseman (with wheel)
Second Computer: 
  • HOT-555 VX mainboard 512 K Cache
  • Pentium MMX 166 MHz Processor
  • 96 MB Ram 
  • ARC-Logic PCI-Graphics-Adaptor 2MB
  • PCI Network-Adaptor
  • 2.1 + 4.3 GB Harddrive
  • Syquest 270 MB
  • CD-Rom-Burner HP7100E 2/2/6 CD-RW
  • 3.5" Disk-Drive
  • 17 " Smile Monitor
  • Epson Stylus Color 600 Printer
  • Logitech Mousman
  • Soundblaster 64 (got me a MIDI-Keyboard for that one now :))
  • Keyboard with Keyboard-Switch

  • (one for both computers)

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